Videogame controller

How to Start a Computer Games Company

This article is about the hard reality of starting and running a computer games company. I started Intelligent Games (IG) in 1988 because I...

By Matthew Stibbe

Technical notebook with lots of geeky scribbles

Geeks: how to write for a non-technical audience

Two peoples divided by a common language. George Bernard Shaw said this about the British and the Americans, but the same can be said of...

By Matthew Stibbe

Someone typing on a computer keyboard

How to write like a hacker

The world of the computer hacker can seem as alien as Sanskrit or quantum physics. But it’s worth trying to understand the geniuses behind...

By Matthew Stibbe

Star Trek captains

5 leadership lessons from the captains of Star Trek

Few science fiction franchises can claim to be as inspirational as the philosophical heavyweight that is Star Trek. Far from being a quaint...

By Grace O'Brien

F16 fighter plane

John Boyd: Patterns of Conflict presentation and biography

I had heard about John Boyd’s legendary Patterns of Conflict before I read his biography. But I had never seen it so I went on a quest to...

By Matthew Stibbe

Drawing of fast, cheap and good linked up

Fast, cheap or good: choose two

I used to make computer games and back then we had a saying about project management: ‘you can have any two of fast, cheap or good.’ It’s a...

By Matthew Stibbe