Film noir spy in a hat on a dark street

What makes a great boss: leadership lessons from MI5

Thanks to franchises like James Bond, an air of glamour and mystery surrounds MI5 and the secret services (cue music). It all seems so...

By Charlotte Littley

Machine where every dial says 'more'

More is more, says research

‘Consumers are irresistibly drawn to product specifications.’ – The Atlantic , drawing on findings published in the Journal of Consumer...

By Matthew Stibbe

Man playing chess

What’s your ‘profit to pain’ ratio for client management?

I love my current clients – this isn’t about them. But in the past, mainly when I was a freelance journalist, I have had to deal with a few...

By Matthew Stibbe

Poem on a plaque at Dartington Hall

Done is better than perfect

Here rolls the seaAnd even hereLies the other shoreWaiting to be reachedYes hereIs the everlasting presentNot distantNot anywhere else

By Matthew Stibbe

Close up of an elegant wristwatch

Why the next ten minutes are the most important in your whole life

No watch on earth, no matter how expensive, is going to give you an extra minute of your life. No camera, no matter how elegant, is going...

By Matthew Stibbe

Lined up copies of The Hobbit on a bookshelf

My ten most-loved books for geek readers

Andrew Munro invited me to list my five favourite books. A difficult task and I decided to cheat slightly by breaking the selection into...

By Matthew Stibbe