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This blog is about refactoring management from a humane, geeky perspective. I’m trying to be a better leader and manager and sharing what I learn, one article at a time. Plus some stuff about Lego, computer games and other obsessions.

I’m CEO at Articulate Marketing  and Turbine and long ago at Intelligent Games. I geek out about wine at Vincarta

Totoro at Studio Ghibli

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Photo of Richard Feynman, taken in 1984 in the woods of the Robert Treat Paine Estate in Waltham, MA, while he and the photographer worked at Thinking Machines Corporation on the design of the Connection Machine CM-1/CM-2 supercomputer.

Richard Feynman and the pleasure of finding things out

The BBC Horizon series has been inspirational for me over my life. For example, the programme Painting by Numbers was one of the main...

By Matthew Stibbe

Zork I advert - 'Your greatest challenge lies ahead - and downwards'

How GeekBoss got its name and the ‘muddle’ of coding for Zork

Readers may know that I started my career in computer games. Instead of enjoying ‘the end of history’, back in the 90s, I was CEO of ...

By Matthew Stibbe

'All behind you Winston' - Low cartoon showing wartime cabinet rolling up their sleeves and marching behind Winston Churchill

How to run a collaborative change management project (video)

Over the last 18 months, I have been running some huge change projects at my marketing agency. I ran a webinar about the processes I used...

By Matthew Stibbe

Spitfire at a museum

Interview with Stephen Bungay: historian, writer and management guru

Stephen Bungay is a management consultant, academic and author of two remarkable books about the Second World War: The Most Dangerous Enemy...

By Matthew Stibbe

Woman holding her finger to her lips as if to say 'silence please'

Silence is golden: how to soundproofing your writing room

It’s difficult to figure out how to write in a world that’s full of distractions. We all know that interruptions kill productivity. But...

By Matthew Stibbe

Matthew Stibbe and Totoro at Studio Ghibli Museum

How to ask someone to be your business mentor

The Beermat Entrepreneur reckons every startup entrepreneur should have a mentor. So do many TV programs about business, from Dragon’s Den...

By Matthew Stibbe