Stressed manager at a desk

10 career-threatening management myths

Every manager has one goal: to foster a healthy, prospering work environment that brings employees together to get work done....

By Matthew Stibbe

Winston Churchill

How Winston Churchill used humour as a management tool

I’ve just finished re-reading Churchill’s war memoirs and also Andrew Roberts’s new book, Masters and Commanders, about the relationship...

By Matthew Stibbe

Alarm clock disintegrating

Who stole my time?

The day started out so well, yet here you are at the end of it with barely half of your to-do list complete. If productivity is the goal,...

By Matthew Stibbe

Inflatable unicorn

The myth of overnight success

One of the biggest myths in business is the ‘overnight success’. What you find, when you look more closely, is a business that took five or...

By Matthew Stibbe

Bottle with a man inside it pushing at the cork

12 things that make me more productive

Productivity is the result of habits and practices that we learn. Change them and we can become more productive. Ignore them and you get...

By Matthew Stibbe

Coffee machine

The 90 per cent solution: how to finish projects on time for less money

I have spent a lot of my life in software development, first at Intelligent Games and then, while at Articulate, designing and launching ...

By Matthew Stibbe