Sunrise over the sea

How I trained myself to get up earlier

I am not what you would call a morning person. At heart, I’m a writer, for heaven’s sake! But getting up early has become really important...

By Matthew Stibbe

Old fashioned typewriter

Why your office is hurting your productivity (and how to fix it)

The open plan modern office could be killing your productivity, reckons The Atlantic’s Julie Beck.

By Matthew Stibbe

Alarm clock disintegrating

Who stole my time?

The day started out so well, yet here you are at the end of it with barely half of your to-do list complete. If productivity is the goal,...

By Matthew Stibbe

Bottle with a man inside it pushing at the cork

12 things that make me more productive

Productivity is the result of habits and practices that we learn. Change them and we can become more productive. Ignore them and you get...

By Matthew Stibbe

Man overloaded with files and documents

14 ways to put your inbox on a diet

So much for the paperless office: either you’ve got an email inbox that each day brings fresh hell in the form of hundreds of messages, or...

By Matthew Stibbe

Team stand up meeting

Team productivity: How to crack the whip without leaving a mark

Sarah’s team was facing a team productivity crisis. She was responsible for a big launch event at an upcoming trade show: colleagues to...

By Matthew Stibbe