Project management

Man standing in front of giant left and right arrows

Eight expensive lessons in project management, for free!

When it comes to project management, it’s so much cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistakes. So, here are a few of...

Computer code on a screen

Non-existent code doesn’t crash

The myth of management is that the boss chooses bold actions. In fact, her most important job is to decide what NOT to...

Printed gantt project management chart

The Devil’s project management dictionary

A humorous and ironic look at project management in the style of Ambrose Bierce based on nearly 30 years' experience in...

NASA Mission Control

Mission control: 100 rules for NASA project management

Yes, actually it IS rocket science. Here are 100 rules for NASA project management. Useful project management insights...

Drawing of fast, cheap and good linked up

Fast, cheap or good: choose two

Software developers have a saying: ‘you can have any two of fast, cheap or good.’ It’s a choice that most people don’t...

Small workman doing stuff on the surface of a hard disk drive

Little data: why it matters more than big data

Everyone’s talking about ‘big data’. But more is not always better. We need to start thinking about 'little data' and...