Spitfire at a museum

Interview with Stephen Bungay: historian, writer and management guru

Stephen Bungay is a management consultant, academic and author of two remarkable books about the Second World War: The Most Dangerous Enemy...

By Matthew Stibbe

Stressed manager at a desk

10 career-threatening management myths

Every manager has one goal: to foster a healthy, prospering work environment that brings employees together to get work done....

By Matthew Stibbe

Winston Churchill

How Winston Churchill used humour as a management tool

I’ve just finished re-reading Churchill’s war memoirs and also Andrew Roberts’s new book, Masters and Commanders, about the relationship...

By Matthew Stibbe

Star Trek captains

5 leadership lessons from the captains of Star Trek

Few science fiction franchises can claim to be as inspirational as the philosophical heavyweight that is Star Trek. Far from being a quaint...

By Grace O'Brien

F16 fighter plane

John Boyd: Patterns of Conflict presentation and biography

I had heard about John Boyd’s legendary Patterns of Conflict before I read his biography. But I had never seen it so I went on a quest to...

By Matthew Stibbe

Space Shuttle liftoff

Yes, this is rocket science: leadership lessons from NASA

I was in Florida to complete my private pilot’s licence but also to get some NASA leadership lessons and management insights. My first...

By Matthew Stibbe