'All behind you Winston' - Low cartoon showing wartime cabinet rolling up their sleeves and marching behind Winston Churchill

How to run a collaborative change management project (video)

Over the last 18 months, I have been running some huge change projects at my marketing agency. This video covers the...

Spitfire at a museum

Interview with Stephen Bungay: historian, writer and management guru

Stephen Bungay is a management consultant, academic and author of two remarkable books about the Second World War. I...

Stressed manager at a desk

10 career-threatening management myths

Every manager has one goal: to foster a productive work environment. Unfortunately, many managers fall short. Why?...

Winston Churchill

How Winston Churchill used humour as a management tool

Winston Churchill's wit and sense of humour are legendary but it's clear that it was also an integral part of his...

Star Trek captains

5 leadership lessons from the captains of Star Trek

They travelled through space, time and Starfleet academy: put your career in warp drive with these five leadership...

F16 fighter plane

John Boyd: Patterns of Conflict presentation and biography

John Boyd's Patterns of Conflict presentation in PDF, slides and video form. Essential reading for military historians...

Space Shuttle liftoff

Yes, this is rocket science: leadership lessons from NASA

NASA leadership lessons and management insights from actual rocket scientists working at NASA's Kennedy Space Center....

Different colour threads woven together

Effective managers say the same thing twice

The Harvard Business Review says that effective managers use lots of different communication methods. Find out how to...

Film noir spy in a hat on a dark street

What makes a great boss: leadership lessons from MI5

If the Secret Services can value openness, so can your business. Find out what great lessons can be learned from the...

General Bill Slim

How to improve morale and confidence: lessons from General Bill Slim

Bill Slim is one of the outstanding British generals of World War II. He has great insight into building morale and...

Minuteman missile guidance computer

The difference between secrets and mysteries

Why is it so hard to predict the future? It may have something to do with the difference between secrets and mysteries.

Two children dressed up as engineers

How NOT to lead geeks

The world of technology is full of immature management and poor leadership. Get some pointers about how NOT to lead...